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Bryan McWhite and Laura Scharber: Founders of MindRise Wellness Solutions

MindRise Wellness Solutions is the premier clinical center in Minnesota specializing in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and complementary clinical services.

At MindRise, we believe treatment should be on your terms. We provide both Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Services at our clinic in Edina, MN or in-home by request.

Our clients are seeking both short-term symptom relief as well as wholeness, aliveness, understanding, and wellness. We want to help you integrate and reframe, so that you can experience lasting change. There is hope. We can help. Call or text us today to learn more, or schedule a free consultation today to talk directly to Bryan & Laura. 


Relief and Healing Are Possible. We Can Help With:


If you are suffering from depression symptoms, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help– even when other treatments have failed.


1 in 4 people experience anxiety symptoms. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help relieve anxiety so you can live a more fulfilling life.


Millions live with PTSD every day. Learn how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help restore peace and balance to your life.


If you and your partner are experiencing turbulence in your relationship, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with a male-female therapy team can offer healing.


If you feel that your current mental state is holding you back from your full productive and creative potential, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy holds promise for new personal breakthroughs.


Life's ups and downs can lead to a path of harmful coping methods. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can offer a path back to wellness.


The world is still healing from the COVID pandemic. It's okay if you are too. Treatment options can help you get back to normal.


Stress takes a powerful toll on the human body. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can both relieve physical symptoms of stress and help you regain the peace of mind you deserve.

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapY

Create Meaningful Change In Your Life

At MindRise Wellness Solutions, we believe in the power of ketamine as a catalyst that, in conjunction with psychotherapy, can facilitate significant and lasting change in our clients. We want you to feel better and experience lasting wholeness, aliveness, and healing. Ketamine is a proven treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma that can be effective even when other medicines have failed. The wait is over.


Used safely for 50+ years


Care in the comfort of your home


Rapid relief within hours


Personalized guidance


What people are saying!


I love there psychology consultation services. Psychology consultation did exactly what you said it does. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Psychology consultation has completely surpassed our expectations.”

Moorie Hussy
Anxiety Disorder
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Why Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with MindRise?

Oral ketamine provides a rapid antidepressant effect within hours of the first dose–unlike SSRIs, which often take weeks to work. Ketamine also helps the brain form new neurons and connections, which create a powerful opportunity for achieving breakthroughs in therapy.

Ketamine has full FDA approval and has been used safely in healthcare for over 50 years. Multiple clinical trials have shown ketamine’s profound ability to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD among other conditions. It also has fewer and milder side effects than most available medicines to treat depression and other mood disorders.

We developed our ketamine-assisted psychotherapy program as an alternative to IV infusions and IM injections- no needles! The method of delivery we use is oral, so a troche or a lozenge, which is a small, hard tablet designed to dissolve slowly, much like a long-lasting cough drop.

We value ongoing relational connection with our clients, and offer an accepting, non-judgmental context for therapeutic work. Recent studies have shown the profound significance of the relationship between the therapist and client in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for achieving greater emotional breakthroughs and improved outcomes.

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