What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a legal, safe and effective medicine used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction. It has rapidly acting antidepressant and mood-enhancing effects, which begin to take effect within 1-2 hrs. after treatment, and has also been shown to create a heightened “neuroplastic window”– a 3-7 day space when the brain has an increased ability to rewire itself, which provides an amazing opportunity for therapy, change, and lasting wellness.

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What is the Experience Like?

Every person’s experience with ketamine is unique to them, and clients often find it hard to describe in words. And if you and we decide to have additional sessions using ketamine, each of your sessions will be different. Each session is a journey that cannot be programmed. They evolve from your own being in relation to this medicine and to your guides.

While it is best to form an intention for your journey (and we will help with that), you may or may not be able to hold on to that. In fact, not holding on is best, since holding on is the main source of anxiety in these journeys. The best experiences tend to flow from relaxing into the path that unfolds.

A ketamine session can be light, dark, or both. Some people describe it as feeling “dreamlike.” Some people experience sensations of love and acceptance for themselves and others. Some describe challenging feelings and ideas that invite them to confront the wounds and darkness in themselves.

Relaxation from ordinary concerns and usual mind, while maintaining awareness of the flow of mind under the influence of ketamine is characteristic. This tends to lead to a disruption of negative feelings and obsessional preoccupations or “thought loops.” Many experience an ability to “zoom out” from their normal state of consciousness and “see the bigger picture,” which can give them a sense of “reset” in their perspectives. Often this leads to a feeling of greater ability to address everyday negative thoughts and habits, and to replace them with healthier thoughts and habits.

The effects of ketamine last for approximately 45 minute. Once these effects subside we’ll spend the remainder of our session creating space to process and discuss your experience, seeking to integrate your insights into your normal daily life and consciousness.

How Does Ketamine Work

Ketamine works on many different systems in the brain, but crucial to its effect is its role as an NMDA receptor antagonist. It works by blocking the brain’s NMDA receptors as well as by stimulating AMPA receptors, which produces a surge of glutamate–the most common neurotransmitter in our brains. This increase in glutamate causes a cascade effect of increased neural activity and communication in the brain. 

It stimulates the formation of new synaptic connections, and awakens areas of the brain that have been dormant from the effects of anxiety, depression and trauma. This cascade of effects, as mentioned above, create a heightened “neuroplastic widow”–a 3-7 day space when the brain has an increased ability to rewire itself. This window provides a potent opportunity for clients to effect lasting change in their everyday experience, which is why we believe psychotherapy is such a crucial part of helping our clients achieve lasting wellness.

A picture of a neuron. The neuron below shows new dendritic formations, or new neural growth, within just 2 hours of receiving
neural growth after ketamine treatment
A CT scan of a human brain. After ketamine treatments, the depressed brain is almost identical to the non-depressed scan as new neural activity has awakened the depressed areas.
CT Scan of brain after Ketamine Treatment

Retired Military Veteran Testimonial

An extended conversation with retired U.S. Army Sgt. Major Jason Geis, and his final thoughts about his journey battling PTSD through ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

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